New highest jump record in kiteboarding – 35.3M

Pushing the limits of the sports is not an easy task, but there are few that are brave enough to push highest kiteboarding jump record higher and higher every year.

There is a reason why all the big air riders meet up in Cape Town over the winter, and it’s not just so that they can compete for the Red Bull King Of the Air.

Cape Town offers a perfect combination of strong wind and epic swell, creating the beach break that allows them to go HIGH. Mike Mac Donald (get high with Mike) broke the highest jump record of 33.9M just a few days before, and recently he beat his own score, boosting to 34.1m!


But, the latest update is that James Overbeek beat him with the 35.3m jump, which is a current (may not stay there for long) record.


On the Female front, we have a bunch of amazing women that like to boost high. Currently, Angely Buillot holds the women’s Woo jump height record at 25.1m.


Did you know that an average ten-story building is about 32m? 


New highest jump record in kiteboarding - 35.3M | Knowledge Centre |
New highest jump record in kiteboarding - 35.3M | Knowledge Centre |


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