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From general kiteboarding travel tips to the best insurance policies, all you need to know when traveling with kite gear.

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Best Kitesurfing spots near London, UK

Specific global air circulation patterns reaching the UK makes this part of the world unique for watersports and provides many windy days for kitesurfers to enjoy. Especially the Southeast cost that offers many fantastic ...
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Top 10 Winter Kitesurfing Destinations

Seasons change and with it so does the way we travel; we can count on it like clockwork. You only have to follow the social media of your favourite Pro rider to see how ...
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Kitespots in the Philippines

A country with 7107 islands and many more unexplored beaches with consistent trade winds and warm water all year round, the Philippines is a tropical paradise for those wanting to run away and explore ...
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Kitesurfing in Boracay, Philippines

When the winter months hit the northern hemisphere, many kitesurfers start to look for a windy and warm getaway to satisfy their thirst for warm waters and sun. Due to the steady wind season ...
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Kitesurfing In Dakhla

Round and around the season's blow, with some locations being more affected by seasonality than others; it's an expensive ordeal for any European to take on Australia, Brazil or Cape Town for the winter ...
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