List of Best Kiteboarding Movies of All Times

If you are just getting into this sport, or you are a seasoned kiteboarder, there are some kiteboarding movies that you should know by heart; from the history of the sport to the pro riders and brands outlook on their journeys.

So, sit down, relax and watch the best kitesurfing films of all times, bringing you the stoke they share!

118ft OF FREEDOM (2020)

Big wave kitesurfers Jalou Langeree, Olivia Jenkins and Catharina Edin embarking on a beautiful adventure in Madagascar. Living in a historical  yacht, chasing the best left-hand waves out there.

A must watch film for every kitesurfer, showing what its all about.

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ALL OR NOTHING by Liam Whaley (2020)

The patience and planning needed to get to the podium of Red Bull King Of The Air pushes the sports further. All of the pro riders that compete in KOTA plans their life around it.

This kiteboarding movie is a detailed overview of how it looks like and how much it means to the riders. Liam Whaley tells his story about changes to his riding and dedication to get to the top of that podium.


CHAPTER ONE - the Kiteboard Legacy Begins (2016)

Get insights into what kitesurfing means to the legends of this sport and hear their life-changing stories. 

If you are looking for inspiration to start the sport or you want to show your friends the way kiteboarding changes people lives, this is where you should start.

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UPWIND – Launch of a Sport (History of Kitesurfing)

If you want to know how kiteboarding grows since he ’90s and hear it from the sports legends themselves. This kiteboarding movie is a true documentary about the beginning of Kitesports.

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THE ANTANDROY, the people of the thorns by F-one (2012)

One in a lifetime trip to explore Levanono in Madagascar. F-One team perfectly captured the extraordinary people and their lifestyle in the remote areas of Madagascar. Beautifully made and heartwarming footage about kiteboarding and life beyond horizons.

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DISGUISE THE LIMIT by Cabrinha (2015)

Pete Cabrinha and his team exploring best kiteboarding spots from Maui to Morocco and the shores of Tarifa.

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Kiteboarding movie featuring Aaron Hadlow, Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carroll, Stefan Spiessberger, Tom Court and Noe Font.

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PRODUCT SHOOT - THE MOVIE by Cabrinha (2018)

Nick Jacobsen, Liam Whaley and Cabrinha’s team explore the coast of Hawaii for their 2018 product shoot and, of course, have some fun.

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The UKcrew riders Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court, Sam Light and James Boulding captures their experiences as a pro riders in the series of kiteboarding movies about their adventures across the world.

Part 1 (2012) | Part 2 (2014) | Part 3 (2016) 


Youri Zoon, Nick Jacobsen and Kevin Langeree captures their experience exploring the world together.

Chapter 1Chapter 2 


2019 marks twenty years since Aaron Hadlow first flew a kite. He took this milestone as a challenge to create a kiteboarding movie highlighting the best action and the journey through his favourite disciplines in kiteboarding.

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KNOT FUTURE: Death of Park (2020)

The only futuristic movie about Kiteboarding in slider park showing the behind the scenes life of the best park riders in this industry. Filmed across the 2019 Kite Park League season, Death of Park takes you from smooth Hatteras winds in the Real Kiteboarding slider park across the country and into the icy waters of the Hood River Slider Project. Featuring Riders: Annelous Lammerts, Karolina Winkowska, Alexander Lewis-Hughes, Ramiro Gallart and Ewan Jaspan.

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  • Hey what about that epic early Kitesurf VHS called
    ‘ High as a kite on Maui’
    (Not to be confused with ‘High’)
    Can’t find this anywhere
    Epic movie with great music

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