Top 10 Winter Kitesurfing Destinations

Seasons change and with it so does the way we travel; we can count on it like clockwork. You only have to follow the social media of your favourite Pro rider to see how the year plays out. If you're after a winter kitesurfing holiday, look no further. Here is our top 10 winter kitesurfing destinations.

As the winter months settle in, it is only natural that you start to crave sunshine and warmth. You long for boardshorts or bikinis, to put aside the wetsuit and kite somewhere warm and windy. We know how you feel; that’s why we’ve put together our list of top 10 winter kitesurfing destinations. Whether you want well-formed waves or butter-flat water, there’s a spot on this list that will be sure to satisfy.

As you start to plan your holiday, think about what conditions you’re after. Do you like flat water or waves? Are you travelling alone, or with friends and family? Do you and your group want only to kite, or do you want to pack your holiday with other activities and dive into the local culture? There’s something for everyone on this list.

Each location summary below will specify the water conditions at the kite spot. Whether you’re a keen freestyler or a beginner who’s just starting to ride, there’s some great flat water spots on this list that you’ll love. For the wave riders, you too can find spots based on the size of the wave you’re after.

Do you kiteboard, kitesurf, or kitefoil? On each location summary we have listed which kiting disciplines are possible. Each spot is great for all levels of rider, so if you’re travelling with a group of mixed ability, no one will be out of place on your kite holiday.

Each synopsis should give you a taste of what the kite spot has to offer. Be sure to click though to the full location guide for more information about each amazing kite spot.  


Country: Brazil
Closest airport: Pinto Martins – Fortaleza International Airport [FOR] Fortaleza International Airport [FOR]
Windiest months: August, September, October, November, December, January.
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Waveriding, Foiling
Spot type: Lagoon & open water – Flatwater, Choppy, Small Wave (Up To 1M), Medium Wave (Up To 2M)

This is the land of downwinders. There are a lots of options for where to kite in the area surrounding Jericoacoara. Its season, which runs from July to February, peaks in November and boasts high wind stats making it a safe bet for a kiting holiday. You’ll start each kiting day with a buggy ride to the beach. Whether you prefer waves or flat water, there’s something for you and you can even ride half or full day downwinders. At the end of the day, once you’ve has your kiting fix, there’s a vibrant night life to enjoy with live music each night.


Country: South Africa
Closest airport: Cape Town International Airport (CPT)
Windiest months: January, February, March, October, November, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Waveriding, Foiling
Spot type: Open Water, Beach – Choppy, Small Wave (Up To 1M), Medium Wave (Up To 2M), Large Wave (2M+)

For anyone after a blend of kitesurfing, city life and adventure, Cape Town has a lot to offer. The Cape Doctor wind rolls in over the top of Table Mountain and provides cross to cross onshore wind directions for most of the beaches surrounding Blouberg. The windy season, which runs from October to March draws amateurs and pros to kite in front of table mountain and when the RedBull King of The Air competition is in swing, you’ll find scores of people crowding the beach to see the spectacle. For non-kiters, or for the mornings you want to take in what else Cape Town has to offer, you’ll find plenty to do. Trips to Robben Island, wine tours or Stellenbosh and many more activities will keep you entertained.


Country: Zanzibar
Closest airport: Stone Town [ZNZ]
Windiest months: January, February, March, June, July, August, September, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Waveriding, Foiling
Spot Type: LAGOON – Flat To Choppy Water; OUTSIDE REEF – Small Wave (Up To 1M)

The Spice Island has more to offer than cloves and nutmeg; it also offers several kitesurfing hotspots along its East coast. Only an hour away from Stone Town, Paje and Jambiani offer flat water riding; ideal for beginners and freestylers. The outer reefs which are over 1km from the shore provide some clean waves to keep confident riders entertained. The Kaskazi season, which runs from December to March is windiest in January with North Easterly winds which fill in towards the afternoon.
For non kiters, there’s plenty of excursions for a week long holiday and every evening there is a different bar providing entertainment.


Country: Kenya
Closest airports: Mombasa (MBA) 2.5H or Nairobi (NBO) 1H for International flights or Malindi (MYD) 30min for the flights from Kenya.
Windiest months: January, February, March, June, July, August, September, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Waveriding, Foiling
Spot type: LAGOON – Flat To Choppy Water; OUTSIDE REEF – Small Wave (Up To 1M)

Watamu stretches across kilometres of white sandy beach. Its long and uncrowded clear blue lagoon is surrounded by a reef 500m from the shore which provides butte flat water, especially in areas of the lagoon where sandbars have formed. Following the same tradewind patterns as Zanzibar, the Kaskazi wind strengthens throughout the morning and its most consistent months are January and February. For anyone who desires a relaxing and quiet atmosphere to their next kiting holiday, Watamu should be on the radar.


Country: Australia
Closest airport: Perth (PER)
Windiest months: January, February, March, September, October, November, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Foiling
Spot type: Ocean & Sheltered bay – Flat to choppy water

Safety Bay is a double offering as a kite spot with riding areas on each side of its peninsula. The inner side, known as ‘The Pond’ provides butter flat water and is prioritised for experienced riders to practice their freestyle tricks. The outer side is open for all and is also host to the local kite schools.
This spot is well suited to anyone wanting to split their days between kiting and other attractions as the wind builds towards midday. The ‘Freemantle Doctor’ kicks in in the early afternoon bringing winds from 20 to 30kts until sunset. Safety Bay’s best months are December and January; if you’re lucky you’ll get to see the occasional pro rider in training.


Country: Philippines
Closest airport: Caticlan/Godofredo P. Ramos Airport [MPH] or Kalibo International Airport [KLO]
Windiest months: January, February, March, April, November, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Foiling
Spot type: Reef sheltered bay – Flat to choppy, small waves (up to 1m) at reef

Boracay has built its reputation as a party island. Even though the island is quite busy and hectic, Bulabog beach is the exact opposite. Due to the strong winds, most tourists never even step foot at this side of the island. For kitesurfers, that means a perfect hideaway from this island lifestyle, with the opportunity to join the rest of the crowds for a good party if they wish to.
The amihan season brings North Eastly trade winds to the Philippines. For kiters visiting Boracay, Bulabog Beach offers shallow, flat to choppy water great for beginners and freestyle riding. The tidal bay is host to several schools so finding tuition is easy to achieve. The consistent onshore winds make for easy learning conditions, though in the peak season it can get quite busy with lessons. If you’re in need of a quieter spot on a busy day, Union Beach on Caticlan is only 5km away and makes a great day trip to kitesurf. For more details about kitesurfing in the Philippines, read the below guide or check out our travel blog articles about kitesurfing in Boracay and the rest of the islands.


Country: Sri Lanka
Closest airport: Bandaranaike International Airport (Colombo) [CMB/VCBI]
Windiest months: January, February, May, June, July, August, September, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Waveriding, Foiling
Spot type: Lagoon – flat to choppy water; open water, small to medium waves

Kalpitiya is a small fishing town sitting on the peninsula of Puttalam Lagoon on the north-west coast of Sri Lanka. It is known best for its strong seasonal wind and plentiful lagoons which provide butter flat water perfectly suited to beginners and freestyle riders. On the ocean side of the sand bar, there are also plenty of open sea spots which have wind chop forming small kickers, as well as some wave riding spots. While Kalpitiya is undoubtedly best known for its lagoons, there are some waves to be ridden at Donkey Point. On a good swell, this spot can provide small to medium waves (1-2m). A 20minute tuk-tuk ride will get you to Donkey Point and, in the summer, it forms the starting point of a 7km downwinder back to Kalpitiya Lagoon.


Country: Vietnam
Closest airport: Saigon Ho Chi Minh City [HCMC]
Windiest months: January, February, March, April, November, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Waveriding, Foiling
Spot type: Open water- Choppy, Small to Medium Wave.

The beaches which extend east and west of the Mui Ne Peninsula are a Vietnamese hot spot for kitesurfing. Thanks to kilometres of red and white dunes heating under the sun, the wind is sure to increase throughout the day as the wind is thermally accelerated. In the morning, when the wind is lighter, water conditions go from flat to choppy. As the wind increases through the day, a stronger swell and shore break can develop. For more advanced riders in search of waves, Ganh Beach, and Sui Nuoc will provide waves with an onshore to cross-onshore wind.
When not kitesurfing, there’s plenty to do so it’s a location you can happily bring your non-kiting friends and family. You’ll be able to visit the red dunes, formed by ancient iron mines; see the ivory white dunes and lotus flower-filled lake by ATV, go hiking along fairy stream or venture into Mui Ne’s fishing village.


Country: Peru
Closest airport: Jorge Chávez Airport (LIM)
Windiest months: January, February, March, April, May, August, September, October, November, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Waveriding, Landboarding, Foiling
Spot type: Lagoon – Flatwater to Choppy, Open water- Small Waves, Hard Sand Beach

Paracas is a small town on the west coast of Peru. Mostly known for its untouched desert-like scenery, world-class nature reserve and fantastic wildlife, this town also offers one of the most reliable winds all year round.
Paracas bay is sheltered from the oceans cool waters and waves by the Paracas peninsula forming a vast u-shaped lagoon with flatter and warmer water. The steady cross shore desert winds make this bay an enormous kitesurfing playground that any level kiteboarder will enjoy.


Country: Mexico
Closest airport: La Paz [LAP] or Los Cabos International Airport [SJD]
Windiest months: January, February, March, April, May, October, November, December
Rider level: All
Disciplines: Freeride, Foiling
Spot type: Open bay- choppy to small waves

La Ventana offers easy going Mexican culture, good food and laid back atmosphere with fantastic scenery and many places to explore that will keep you occupied through the mornings as the wind generally kicks in after 11am. On a regular day, the wind hits around noon and stays till 5-6pm and average to 18-15 knots, with El Norte the winds pick up to 35 knots.
Tourism has developed over the years around people wanting to be active. In addition to kitesurfing, windsurfing & paddle boarding you can go scuba diving, fishing, kayaking, mountain biking or walking at the long treks along secluded trails or go whale & dolphin watching.
Visitors arriving between January and March will also be able see fantastic international events and competitions such as ‘La Ventana Windfest’, ‘The Kite Foil Gold Cup’ and ‘La Ventana Classic’.

Have you been to any of these locations? Let us know what was your experience kitesurfing there!

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